Tuesday, February 28, 2012


After four years of dating we finally had sex. I was attending college in another state and it was during a holiday break (he was still in high school). We were 19. I got pregnant a short time later.  My two years in college away from him were the happiest years of my life until now.  I believe because of this, he "forgot" a condom.  There are other methods to prevent pregnancy... He had become increasingly uptight about my increasing independence.  Going back home was not an option, I left when I was a 17. My up bringing was less than desirable and I was not going back. I moved to his town, where his family lived and moved in with his parents until we married. We had a wedding where the guests toasted his parents more than us.
We then moved into an apartment almost across the street from his family. This was a highly religious community. I, figuratively, wore a scarlet A and was rarely spoken to. I had no friends. His mother consistently reminded me that I had ruined her son's life. My nickname behind my back, with his family, was "the seductress." I was right where he wanted me.

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