Monday, March 12, 2012

From the Beginning Cont...

Married life was awful. Having a baby at barely 20 was incredibly hard. Having his parents across the road...stupid. My life was kind of like the show Everyone Loves Raymond, but not funny. I was judged constantly by my in-laws. My X husband "never saw a thing wrong with them, it was all in my head." I worked at a day care and took a 2 week maternity leave after my first daughter was born. I ended up back in the hospital because I had pushed it too much. Peter's dad was the pastor of the largest church in our denomination and we were in the spotlight in that little community. Peter worked as a janitor at that church and back then he seemed to feel some responsibility to provide for his family. I finished school on time, leaving behind any aspiration of medical school and took at full time job as a news anchor at a radio station I had worked at in high school. I had to be at work for my first news cast at 5am. Peter quit his job and went back to school. This became his pattern. Life was hard.

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