Saturday, March 10, 2012

Isolation is Abuse

I have two brothers. One brother is 18 months younger than I am. He and I are very close and always have been. We lived in a rural community and were not able to interact with friends easily. We played for hours outside every day during our summer breaks. My X husband, the sociopath, was very threatened by this relationship. He convinced me that he was an abuser, could abuse our daughters and convinced me that I needed to end the relationship. This was so far from the truth, but sociopaths don’t operate in truth, only the reality in their minds, and controlling those closest.

Sociopaths subtly keep their victims isolated. There is complete severing from those that are close; it's unnatural. This was someone in my life that might see something, something not right. My brother would ask questions and defend me.  My brother needed to be removed completely from my life. I did not speak to my brother or any family member for four years.

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