Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Life on the Other Side: And it Goes Around and Around.....

I just finished correcting a doctoral exam for one of my students and all the while listening to Jason and Warren play Nerf basketball and play hockey video games; Warren laughing so hard at times he has trouble catching his breath. This is what most of our evenings are like, I return to the computer for work/writing and the two of them play. Isn't it a tragedy about his sons, 14 and 11, not even allowed to speak with him? We received word a couple of days ago that we will face a series of motions from Jo. It starts again.....

Jason is retiring after 20 years of service to this country. He is physically and mentally exhausted. He has been engaged in over 250 life threatening operations dealing with scenarios we can't even imagine (i.e. perhaps Lone Survivor sheds some light as he planned courses of action in that same area). All the while he has provided completely for his family. He now also provides for Warren, with Peter being thousands of dollars in arrears. Jo automatically receives a large percentage of his retirement for the rest of her life, but she wants more from Jason. Jo did not/does not work as Peter did not for most of either of our "marriages." Her time seems to be spent initiating litigation. Can Jason stop fighting and rest please? So....here we go....at $375 per hour...depositions, attorney fees, court appearances, letters, scheduling. And Jo wants Jason to have less visitation....more court appearances, professional statements.... Here is an email below from Jo after Jason simply quoted court orders regarding the dates of summer visitation, as he is required to provide.

I don't think playing games with this summer's visitation is a good idea for you to do. It is not in the best interest of the boys. Please look over the court order to familiarize yourself with summer visitations. I will be in touch with you about the exact days of .... and .... school schedule as they also have band camp, online courses, college courses, and numerous other requirements that need to be met. Thank you. 

Just like Peter, condescending, belittling, shaming and unwarranted. Who do these people think they are? What in the world have they done that makes them think they have everything figured out for everyone? She will spend thousands trying to prevent time share. For what? To prevent a few less days here with us? And then the outright lies. It's like pounding your head against the wall and if you engage too much then you are seen as a part of the problem, stay quiet and they automatically win.

We were planning on a honeymoon at a warm location, but that money was used.....you get it. Jo can you please find a job, a boyfriend, a friend, anything to distract you from US? We have to work full time and then deal with your obsessions. Take that money you plan to spend on your new attorney and go on a vacation, get a facial, a massage, a gym membership, buy some clothes. The boys are more than fine here; you have a break from responsibilities, enjoy it for heavens sake!!! In fact they love it here in man world, they just can't tell you or they'll be punished. Will you please leave us alone!

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