Saturday, April 19, 2014

Oh Jo, You had Everything, On a Silver Platter.....Jason's Story

Jo and Jason only knew each other for a few months before marrying, something Jason obviously regrets. He was stationed in Hawaii and she was a senior in college. She moved to Hawaii where she became a temp for Temporary Agency. She had it made. She was employed for a few weeks when she was accused of stealing and fired. Five years later she took a preschool assistant job at a day care. She held that position for a few years and when the teacher position opened she was overlooked and quit. During those years all Jo did was complain about the school and talk about how she would do things better. Jason offered to take out a loan for her to establish her own center, but she wasn’t interested in really working at all. Jo has had the luxury of being a completely stay-at-home mother to this day; something very few women are afforded in this day in age. Jo didn’t like housework or decorating, she didn’t take care of anything outside, didn’t regularly go to the gym, Jason when home generally grilled. Jo was also frigid and proudly talked with friends and even Jason’s own mother about her withholding; mocking Jason. Jo disparaged Jason throughout their marriage. 

During the divorce Jo requested alimony to go back to school to become a paralegal because “she knows the law.” Since that statement, Jo has not returned to school and is completely unemployed. Jo won $350,000 in the settlement and receives $2,200 per month in child support. Jo is now not only out of money, but is in debt. She hasn’t worked so she has no retirement; she devotes her life to destroying Jason, whatever the cost, quite impulsively and with no thought of the next day. Jason is retiring in June, and as is the case with most SEALs, quite beaten up after 20 years and 250 operations. She will receive a portion of his retirement for the rest of her life and Jason is in litigation because she says he is choosing to be underemployed and does not need to retire and if he does he can continue in this line of work as a consultant. She also wants a cut of his disability. We have spent now over $6,000 just to reduce the child support to a fair amount. Jo feels entitled and does not seem to have an ounce of personal responsibility for taking care of herself. 
The first summer of visitation the boys were convinced that their mother was also a doctor. It was obvious they had been “prepped” to tell me this information. I asked “doctor of what?” They said she delivered babies and had even saved a baby. The baby had been born with the chord around its neck and Jo had delivered the baby and brought it back to life. They were sincere; it was sad.

The second summer of visitation the boys said that Jo would not be available for a week as she was going on vacation. We asked where she was going hoping desperately that it was with a man on a beach somewhere. Nope, Jo was going to Disney World, with her parents, for the week. I don’t think I even need to comment further. This past summer Jo “had started a business as an interior designer” and the boys were so proud. Jo was not employed.  

We had to get a court order to limit communication between Jo and the boys. The first summer she texted and called continuously and Jason says she uses actual interrogation techniques on them. She is ordered to now call once per day and has a limit of 30 minutes. We set a time and within the minute of 8:30 she calls; every single day. The boys even ask "does mom just sit by her phone and watch it turn 8:30?" They get very annoyed as it generally interrupts some fun summertime activity.  She also calls Jason’s phone and leaves a message at least once every single day. Her messages, when not slurred, are detached from reality and indicate, in her mind, they are still together and me a mistress. Her messages are downright mentally ill. And why would a person have a one way dialogue for so long?

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