Saturday, April 19, 2014

The NCIS Investigation: Jason's Story

Jo about a year into the divorce returned to the city where she and Jason had lived for nine years of their marriage. She was good friends with several neighbors and had continued to disparage Jason (and later me) with any who would listen. With Jason on deployments and Jo left to represent the family, people were left with no choice but to believe her. It’s difficult for rational minds to think someone is lying, not so much a problem to believe embellishments, but not outright intentional lying. That’s why when Jo had her parents call Jason’s 93 year old grandfather and 89 year old grandmother to tell them stories of Jason’s “dishonorable discharge” from the military and having to “be escorted onto to base,” they were devastated. Of course they believed them; it’s unfathomable that adults would be so malicious? Jason’s career was exactly opposite of what Jo continually portrayed to his family throughout the years. Jason has been honored with a silver star and three bronze stars, in fact, when he wore his metals at our wedding his jacket was weighed down with so many honors. He had been the first picked Warrant Officer this past year, but decided to turn it down as we are not interested in parting for a deployment. When Jason called and explained all this they were relieved and filled with righteous anger. 

Jo returned, almost a year into her divorce from Jason, under the guise of reuniting with dear friends, to attempt to destroy Jason’s career and his reputation. We don’t to this day know the whole story; the Naval Criminal Investigation Services investigator wouldn’t tell Jason everything, just that his ex-wife had claimed Jason had secret information on a home computer; her allegations were so serious it initiated an NCIS investigation and could’ve led to being dishonorably discharged. She would’ve had to have plotted for years and downloaded information secretly from his work lap top. This is simply sinister. It was untrue and of course it came out in the end that this was a vindictive and jealous ex-wife and this was completely out of his character. When I spoke with the investigator, as a personal character witness, he said that everyone he had interviewed provided the same accolades about Jason; all information was consistent and if it had not, Jo just might have gotten what she sought. I now live in the house Jo lived in with Jason and have learned that Jo had openly discussed her wicked scheme to destroy Jason in this way. During this visit she claimed she “knew” Jason had a private detective following her and had stalked her. This was so obviously detached from reality and her intentions so cruel that friends encouraged her to move on and leave Jason alone. Most have long since refused to respond to any communication from her.  

After over a year of a full blown NCIS investigation (tax dollars in action), Jason was interviewed. Imagine how unsettling it was for him to realize his superiors were being questioned without his knowledge, he was so dangerously close to losing his career and honor, and realizing the depths of breathtaking intentional maliciousness he was up against. Jason was deeply affected; he was so overwhelmed he found it difficult to maintain normal daily activities. He was thousands of miles from me, his children and any support system. His world was falling apart. My heart was breaking for him.  

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