Monday, June 2, 2014

Living Fearless: A Brief Update

Jason and I hope that both Peter and Jo will find someone new and wish them the best. Finding joy and creating homes with happiness and laughter would only help all children involved. We have no concern about who they might choose and zero interest. The reason I started to blog about Jo is that she became more abusive and obsessed over the years than even Peter (or at least more histrionic).  I'm not diminishing the slightest the worst abuse I experienced in my life at his hands and mind. It just seems Jo is having a harder time with me than even Peter so she becomes a very important aspect of my story.

This morning I had already taken a few work related calls and was checking a voice mail from a friend when I received a call from an unknown number. It's not unusual for me to receive work related calls like that so the second time the number appeared I answered. There was someone on the other line and the line stayed open for several minutes, but nothing was spoken. I continued to listen and then an answering machine started to play......It was Jo's stepfather; I listened to the message and then hung up.  We also just learned that Jo is attempting to triangulate Jason's stepmother against me at this time.

Jason has had a lot of medical appointments preparing for his retirement. On several occasions medical personnel simply shake their heads, one even just put his notebook down when hearing what he and I are up against. It is bazaar and interesting to so many we speak with.

I continue preparing this into book format and would like to focus on filling in many blanks I've left hanging in posts, but it's amazing that the material keeps coming in to the present.

All of this brings Jason and I closer together. We literally hold each other tighter knowing we have the tools, intelligence, support and a strong spiritual life to help guide us around the volcanoes that keep erupting.

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