Thursday, February 12, 2015

No More Distractions!

I am literally about 20 pages from finishing book #1! The drama with Jo and Peter is so bizzare I have to stop and blog. I am determined to finish ASAP. I hope Jo comes through with her threats to "sue me twice." Then I can use her real full name. 
I really could not make this stuff up, I am not creative. Jo and Peter have ironically written these for me.
I remember when we first told Peter's family we were divorcing and he stated that we would not disclose any information about the 20 years, good or bad. We were simply done and family simply needed to accept that without knowing the dirt. He decided differently with the first motion and here we are. Everyone possible will know about living with a sociopath and the conspiracy with Peter's like minded counterpart: Jo. I hold nothing back in the books. Jo, I hope you are ready for the public to know what it was like to live with you and the lengths Jason took to avoid you from about 4weeks into your marriage. Peter , I have you to thank for pushing me to write about us....or really the lack thereof.

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