Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Message to my Daughters....now that I am a Grandmother

I did not realize that the Walton's were following my blog, obsessively, until I received a motion from Peter recently. Peter printed and attached, I believe, the entire blog. I'm not sure because I immediately handed it over to my attorney to handle him. I hope my daughters will read this and contact me simply with their addresses...absolutely nothing more. For my sake, my husband's, Warren's and theirs it is best that we do not communicate at this point, but I do want to get them their sentimental things from their childhood. Especially now that my oldest is now a mother herself. She has had a son and has named him Peter.....(?....)

When I married and moved in with Jason, I collected all of my daughter's most precious items and stored them. We have had an unusual amount of flooding recently and when I went to check on their things they were wet. I took them home and am drying them on our porch. Thank goodness there were no signs of mold just wet. Warren, worried their things could be damaged, took off all of their clothes for me to wash. [Second daughter please note the Lily flowers in the background; I continue to plant them wherever we live].

Dear Daughters,
If the two of you could send me your addresses I can send you whatever items you would like to have. Warren and I also bought you some very nice jewelry  that you would not accept for the first Christmas and Easter two years ago, where he thought he would see you, but Peter and both of you disappeared and would not respond to his tearful and panicked voice mails. I have all of your Hallmark Christmas ornaments and other Hallmark Christmas decorations I would love to send you. The idea was to buy them for you every year and then, when you had your own homes, you would have lovely and memorable decorations. I have all of your school work starting in preschool...all organized, photo albums, your baby books, favorite blankets and stuffed animals, books, Polly pockets, the little castle :), Disney movies, Barbies, ballet clothes and shoes, dance costumes...basically everything that meant anything. I would hope you could salvage something from your childhood.    

I am ready to send anything to you ASAP. With all my heart, Mama

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