Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jo and Jason...Sitting in a Tree....The Tree Fell From Decomposition...There was no Life....

At our trial the Judge said that I was exhausted and therefore gave me my full retirement. He encouraged me to rent rooms in my house as I could not sell at that point without losing money so that I could quit my extra jobs and just work one. 

Jo....I was exhausted from working so much. All responsibility falling on me and me alone. Jo, this house is larger than any you lived in while married to Jason and it's something I earned on my own, as a working woman. You have not worked since you received your MRS. degree and wrangled Jason into marriage and children. Of course you would  not understand what it's like to provide for a child,  to be a survivor and to do anything possible to provide for your children without expectation from anyone else. Jo, you have recently taken more money from Jason's 93 year old grandfather. Jo, you continue to TAKE and TAKE money without working and without any responsibility. Jason and I say go ahead and take money and all the money you can because you have proven you are incapable of making any on your own. Warren will receive Jason's Legacy. His amazing legacy as his son. Your sons: money; Jason's son: legacy. Fine, Deal. Be Gone. 

Jo, you are so jealous of me it's tangible and Jason and I want nothing from you other than that you disappear, with the sons that you have raised, and stop hurting me and Warren.

Jo to Jason:

Email 12/3/12
“Where will they be staying? If traveling back to your girlfriend's, will the boys be staying there? Where might they be sleeping with all her roommates. Will the boys be expected to room in the closet with her son?....Might I remind you of every past instance where you have not done as court ordered and given the itinerary.”
Email 12/30/12
“Or maybe it's Jason having his girlfriend out this past summer without telling the boys,
They explicitly told you that they did not want to see your girlfriend, period. You dismissed their feelings by telling them that you would talk about it when they arrived Then low and behold she shows up with her son (1 of 3 children, 2 daughters of which are not on speaking terms)….hiding their phones so they couldn't get help. Or maybe it was your girlfriend mentioning vulgar, inappropriate things to the boys in reference to movies, her gay parties…Then I was told at random Samantha’s abuse of her two older children. Then I was made aware of some activity that Samantha told my sister of during a visit to my sister's so the boys could see their cousins. Samantha mentioned things like: her son  sleeping in a closet, her daughters hating her, her gay lifestyle, and so on.....quite alarming….Because I have had quite an interesting experience recently seeing that Samantha is being investigated through social services making you, Jason, apparently under the watchful eye as well. I hope to get to the bottom of this of course. Maybe you both could help with that. I am also quite aware of other multiple offenses.”

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