Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What a Fabulous Example of What I Lived With....I Can Finally Comment....

This is a picture of the Easter Basket Warren put together for his oldest sister. The picture from the last post, his youngest sister. He literally had his backpack on in the truck he was so excited and had those baskets on his lap. Why I tried again after "The Family that Stole Christmas" ??? I even ordered more school pictures that year for whoever wanted them in the Walton family....why oh why...

That email is a great example of what it's like to live with a Sociopath. As I've said in early posts the walls could be painted red and they insist it's blue to such a degree you start to believe the walls are blue.

My favorite part of the email (outside of the Ms. Brown) is where Peter states definitively what we were doing, where we were, where we weren't and best of all what Warren thinks and feels. Peter abandoned Warren long ago and has no idea who the young man is becoming. 

Reality check:
Judge A approved my EPO and was not pleased it took so long to serve Peter. Of course I had legitimate concerns and remember.... the monster truly came out after I filed the first EPO. The accusation of domestic violence infuriates Peter. I dropped the EPO in favor of an order that Peter not send communications like the last post, and that we do not have any verbal communication; only email. He is in contempt calling my phone repeatedly.  

Judge C did not suggest phone contact. The Judge talked about Skype and if lies about Spring Break started she recommended I shut it down.

We have phone records highlighted and ready for exhibit showing all the calls Warren placed to Peter and both of his sisters. I have documentation of phoning emergency services, hospitals and jails. We have text messages from Warren's younger sister wishing him Happy Birthday so we know we had the correct number for at least that sister. Peter had our home address, Peter's world of unreality appears to be becoming more and more real to him. Lastly, Peter has already admitted to not being at the location in a court of law. 

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