Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dear Waltons, Please Stop Hurting my Son

I was recently checking my son's phone and social media accounts and accidentally came across some very devastating messages. 

Warren opened a social networking account in order to talk to some of his friends at school and baseball. 

I cannot believe this happened but....

My middle daughter and Jack and Jill's youngest son they had together, targeted Warren. They bullied him, harassed him, blamed him, were horribly cruel and hateful. They made comments like, "you traitor." He didn't tell me, though he said he became very depressed about it, because he wanted to protect me (yes, my heart hurts).

Waltons, all of you, it is time to back off of this little boy turned young man. He has suffered the most and he deserves peace and time to heal. Could you please stop disparaging me, and now him, to the point that your children are filled with such hate they attack an innocent. 

I am an author--a writer--I write about my life experiences and the more difficult, the more controversial, the more hateful the more I will write. 

It is time to stop this madness. I desperately want this story to END!

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