Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happily Ever After

A friend and colleague of mine teaches graduate level statistics. She has earned teacher of the year awards and is extremely popular with not only students, but faculty and staff as well. She has a gift of explaining statistics to anyone. She is kind, helpful and a talented researcher as well. She tells me she's good at teaching this difficult subject because it didn't come easy to her; she had to work at it...hard. 

Looking back at Jason and my first year together, we've had to work at it...hard. We were up against seemingly impossible odds at many points and though we simply wanted to divorce amicably and without courts, we will defend ourselves for another 7.5 years. That's not going to change, but now we choose to look at our stories as a passage to a place where we can give back. What we have endured will make us better guides as we travel through the best half of our lives.

Next year at this time Jason will have his first camp at our new farm. It's a camp for middle school boys. Some camps will be for special needs children, others for fatherless boys, other for boys whose Special Operation Forces fathers have died or been injured and other camps for boy scouts. He will use his training to teach and mentor these young men in survival/primitive living, land navigation (with compass and maps), the use and care of modern camping/backpacking equipment and outdoor clothing systems. Active duty and retired Special Operation Forces will be the instructors. Jason has had nothing short of an outpouring of support for the Camp. Five years from now we will launch my camp for adults suffering from addiction as a result of PTSD. I look forward to writing more and becoming a professional blogger. I'll continue at the University and will pursue another degree that will help with camp administration. We have been guided through these plans divinely, everything falling into place as if we were here exactly for this. This is how God intended for us to use our experiences.

I can't wait to spend every day with Jason; a team working side by side. In this past year, he has been loving, patient, kind. He looks at me as if he's seeing me for the first time every lovingly. When I walk in the room, no matter what I really look like, he comments that here comes his gorgeous wife. He tells me constantly I am smart and beautiful; the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on. He tells me I am his soul mate and life partner. He validates me, encourages me, helps me, is proud of the littlest things, and forgives me without reserve or reminder. He loves Warren easily and gives without request. I know unconditional love now. I never thought this even existed. And of course his sentiments are reciprocated with the same intensity and sincerity. We have a mutual and unbreakable bond. We've gone through the worst; it's time for us to embrace our experiences and our callings, enjoy each moment and each other. I believe in happily ever after.....