Tuesday, January 14, 2020

New Venture!

I am going to start video blogging next week. Short blogs about issues like perpetrator typologies, maneuvering through legal systems with a sociopath, Parent Alienation Syndrome, Medea Syndrome, vulnerable populations for predators, etc. I will also be doing some live discussions, all on my Facebook page "I Married a Sociopath." Not only will topics include contents of my books and my process (and my family's process) in writing them, but content that is based on my formal scientific research (e.g. veteran suicide). 

I don't want to use Steve's and my personal FB page anymore for this specific material and keep that page just family related. Then I know that people on my "I Married a Sociopath" page really want the information and are not tiring of my posts about my books. 

I am currently developing a web page and the material will be at both sites, but for now it will just be posted on FB. 

There is so much more information I want to talk about! I hope you will join me in this new venture! The link is below...