Thursday, February 12, 2015

No More Distractions!

I am literally about 20 pages from finishing book #1! The drama with Jo and Peter is so bizzare I have to stop and blog. I am determined to finish ASAP. I hope Jo comes through with her threats to "sue me twice." Then I can use her real full name. 
I really could not make this stuff up, I am not creative. Jo and Peter have ironically written these for me.
I remember when we first told Peter's family we were divorcing and he stated that we would not disclose any information about the 20 years, good or bad. We were simply done and family simply needed to accept that without knowing the dirt. He decided differently with the first motion and here we are. Everyone possible will know about living with a sociopath and the conspiracy with Peter's like minded counterpart: Jo. I hold nothing back in the books. Jo, I hope you are ready for the public to know what it was like to live with you and the lengths Jason took to avoid you from about 4weeks into your marriage. Peter , I have you to thank for pushing me to write about us....or really the lack thereof.

The Borderline Dichotomy....They're Back......The Creepers

I guess neither Peter or Jo appreciated my last post. The good ole "I hate you, please don't leave me," borderline dichotomy. Or I can't stop obsessively thinking about you; I will TRY to keep a strangulating hold on you and IMAGINE I can still inflict damage.  I suppose they keep in contact with each other because, by obsessively thinking and talking about us, it's a way to keep Jason and me in their present lives. 

When Jason was treated at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for a month to be evaluated before retiring we went to marriage counseling as part of the program. After one session talking about the chaos surrounding an upcoming summer visit with Jason's sons, the counselor stopped us and said, "Jason you fu*#ed up so badly by marrying your ex that all ties need to be cut with your sons so you can be relieved of any communication from Jo. It  is critical for your health and not safe for Samantha and Warren. They are your family and you need to do what's best for them. Your sons are so badly damaged by their mother you cannot let that level of hate and violence in your home." All staff we/he met with agreed and encouraged him to do exactly that. Jason did not listen and that became a wedge between us until they left. In his defense, and something I love about him, he has been trained to not give up, on anything. He has an amazingly high threshold, which is why he tolerated Jo for so long, as she threatened often, in borderline fashion, that if he left her she would take his sons from him....which has come to fruition.

Three days before the boys were supposed to be picked up for visitation, Thomas made a false sexual abuse allegation against me. The event had apparently happened three days after we were married (with Jason's mother in the next room with both doors open). Now remember, Jo was telling them all along that if I were out of the picture they could be a family again. I was the only reason the family was broken. Jo called Jason attempting to promote this false allegation and stating that they needed to work together (as Peter was doing despite hurting Warren as well). When Jason picked up the boys she started to walk toward him likely to try again. It made him sick to peripherally see her.

She actually thought that Jason would believe this; no one believed Thomas. This was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I cannot express the feelings of being accused of such a disgusting act. When the detective called Jason he had to pull the car over he was so upset; his threshold was crossed. That accusation changed Thomas and Jason's relationship forever. The social worker stated that particular allegation was the worst and very rare. She said it would be nearly impossible for Thomas, Jason and me to have any sort of relationship and felt very badly for us.

[When I was interrogated one day before celebrating Jason's 20 years of service, I told the detective that I believed both boys were being sexually abused, and had thought that the first time I saw them sleep together, but not in my home. That would be an important statement when the detective returned to our home about a real sexual abuse charge]. 

I couldn't look at Thomas; I was never alone with him. HE SHOULD NEVER HAVE COME INTO OUR HOME AGAIN and both Jason and I regret that he did. In the end Thomas said it was a dream and apologized over and over; stating that he did it because I had put him in jail. I had my best friend stay with us those first couple of nights to be a witness for me. When we walked into the living room, where Thomas and Jay were sleeping, they were clutching each other as if a married couple. We looked at each other in astonishment and both thought it was very odd behavior. Jo had insisted they sleep together at our house, which is also extremely odd being 15 and 12. Throughout the visitation they would end up together sleeping in this manner often. Both boys are highly sexualized, the younger talking about homosexual rape and homosexual acts constantly and threatening to rape Warren with a knife. With his penis out and erect, Jay would threaten to rape Warren. They also don't have boundaries surrounding any type of affection or have social cues regarding body language/space. This is the family Peter has decided to support and sides with Jo, Thomas and Jay instead of Warren (this meets one criteria for Termination of Parental Rights: failure to protect a child). After Warren was forensically interviewed the detectives called me into a room, by myself. They confronted me about Jason's future visitation and all agreed that he should cut ties with both and if not I should think about leaving him. They see a lot of step issues but it's mostly sexual exploration. They said that they had not seen this level of violence before and Jay was grooming Warren to act out his threats, shortly. It was good that I had left when I felt something wasn't right. No children in our neighborhood were allowed to play with Thomas (because of the accusation, one child was allowed because the parents didn't know) and Jay because he threatened to rape other children as well. Without hesitation, Jason regrets having that last visitation, but who knows how to deal with this level of deviance. 

Jay made several sexual allegations against me as well (i.e. I forced them to watch porn and then talked about it with them after). They had looked detectives and social workers in the eye and coldly, without conscious, lied (hhhhmmmmmm). They repeatedly told Jason me and mostly Warren that Thomas had never choked him and Thomas painted himself as the victim. They are really capable of anything at this point and Thomas soon to turn 16. Those two boys are more of a threat to Warren and me than Peter. I went through more darkness because of Jo and the two boys than I ever have in my life, and that's saying something. Put two and two together.....Jason helped me get my conceal/carry permit and is buying me a gun I can carry all the time, in my purse. Jason has installed, not a security system, but a SEAL security system. We have "eyes" all over our property, including wooded areas.

Two days ago state police arrived at our home. Peter had called. We were sitting around a camp fire with all the pets, laughing. We thought they were coming because Peter is going to build a shooting range for the state police and SWAT snipers. As soon as the trooper apologetically told us, we turned to each other and laughed. Then we talked about the shooting range. Jason and I have a great relationship with the state police as I have worked with them for over 10 years and Jason being a retired Navy SEAL sniper...famous around here. In fact, they have been much more accommodating about my work because I bring Jason with me to my meetings. On the flip side, Warren has had too many negative interactions with the police so he was upset. Jason, in his usual amazing fatherly way, talked with Warren. Yesterday, Jason learned that Jo had called homeland security stating that Jason was crazy and should not be responsible for a shooting range. You know what he did? Laughed. 

Recently Warren made a plaque out of wood that reads "Home Sweet Home," he says because that's how he feels every time we come home. We laugh A LOT; we love all of our pets, I can't wait to get home from work to see my boys...Because of this last year, especially this summer, Jason's grandparents (who support us unconditionally, understand us and our decisions more than any member of his family) gave us money, for our pleasure, for Christmas. Jamaica here we come!!!!!!!!

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Just Be You

To say life is different than Jason and I have ever known would be an incredible understatement. Neither of us thought we would know love and happiness like we know now.

Last weekend we were getting ready to spend the evening with neighbors. I asked Jason should I wear this shirt or this? I had been conditioned to wear, act and look exactly how Peter had wanted. It's hard to break habits. Jason responded, "Just be you." Wow, that statement....I will never forget. Just be me? That's all I have to do? You know what? I like me and I love how I am with Jason. We have not been ourselves with the incredibly insane jealousy, plotting, conspiring, dealing with two children sent to our home as suicide bombers (and they blew things up), who would be?

Now we are seeing each other with new eyes and intense loving feelings. We used to hold each other tightly all night to stop each other from twitching and nightmares due to PTSD from Jo, Peter and Jo's sons. [Watching American Sniper last night we found our situation not dissimilar: Chirs Kyle was in the most fatal danger off the battle field. Jason's worst enemy and most destructive force was Jo, not the over 250 life threatening operations]. Now we hold each other all night every night because it feels so good. It used to be hard to get out of bed because we were so heavy with all of the abnormal and unpredictable attacks; we still have trouble getting out of bed because it feels so safe, warm, tender, loving...just feels so perfectly right. 

Jason tells me I don't need to be perfect, I don't need to try and be a glamor women, he prefers less makeup so he can see me, not to control me, he asks me to just get old with him and not to worry about all the external. Just be me. He loves me, who I am right now and unconditionally.