Monday, July 6, 2015

A Convincing Suicide or Accident...Peter I Do Believe You Nearly Did It!!

I am preparing documents to sell the house awarded to me in the divorce (though Peter still harasses me by changing addresses for the loan to Ben Walton's address. I never refinanced; only changed the deed.)

In responding to an offer, I came across the property inspection report prepared in August of 2008. There are NO markings within the report except on one page. There are markings exactly like Peter marked books: underlining the first word of the sentence and a check in the column to the right. Here is what he chose to highlight, in his unique manner:

"Why are ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) important? They're much more sensitive and quick to react than regular fuses and circuit breakers, thereby dramatically lessening the risk of shock and/or electrocution should an electrical device plugged into a GFCI come in contact with water. Wiring, light fixtures, and other components of the electrical system are also protected. That old cliche about knocking off your spouse by dropping a hair dryer into his or her bath water? You're likely going to have some explaining to do if the hair dryer is plugged into a GFCI."

Peter began living with a young 20 something subordinate within six months of this report (she was already working for him so I imagine the affair had already begun), my life insurance was approximately $140,000 and I had secured a home in one of the classiest, upscale and conservative neighborhoods in that county; something he could not have done on his own. 

Peter was also obsessed with Thomas Merton who died mysteriously by electric shock. Seems like a pretty easy way to kill someone especially considering later he was easily able to question my mental capacity and diabolically manipulate courts and children into thinking I was the perpetrator and abuser. How easy it would've been for him without my voice and no close family or friends to defend me at that time. 

Wow, I am still a little shaken to come across this document. I do believe I was very close to being killed by Peter's hand, with no legacy and no one to morn my death. I married a sociopath and barely escaped.