Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Book Update

I spent a lot of my Christmas break finishing the book. There are three sections in the first: 1) my childhood and life with Peter, 2) the divorce process and 3) life with Jason. I have completed #1 and should have #2 done this weekend. Three I'll complete, I hope, the next weekend. I've been dragging my feet because it's a vulnerable thing putting out the details of your life story including the most embarrassing failures. But I'm ready now to face the haters and come out of the closet and I'm getting downright excited. I've added so much that I'm going to have a trilogy now. Depending on how long my editors take, I should publish in a couple of months! So, I've started talking about it in all my circles and have several businesses willing to do signings and retail my book, offers to help vlog, share in all of their circles....I'm grateful and hopeful....It seems a lot is coming into alignment already this year.