Thursday, July 25, 2019

Book #2 is finished and in editing!

Book #2 is FINISHED and in editing! This book ended up focusing primarily on Parent Alienation Syndrome and the interrelatedness of PAS with domestic violence and sociopathy.....A fall re-launch of Book #1 with a publishing house along with Book #2!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Book #2, Deadline and Publishing House

I nearly finished my second book last summer, but just couldn't get it done with all of the emails to organize and research for this book in only four weeks. My work at the University is too intense to switch from scientific writing and grant activities to my painful memoir so I had to put it aside until this summer.

I am back in Alaska focusing entirely on finishing and the editing process, enjoying some beautiful weather and good friends. When speaking to various audiences, my take away message for Book #1 is stop victim blaming and it answers the question, "why doesn't the victim JUST leave." This book is primarily about Parient Alienation Syndrome and answers the question (I hope), "why would a child hate their own parent and not want to see them?" And to counter victim blaming in this case as well.    

I've learned my critics up here think that I am paranoid and this blog is to blame everyone else. As I'm writing the book, apart from the blog, but reading over material from the blog I think there is something to that.When I get to Jo I rant and I am angry and it is in real time--not so much with Peter--I am more hurt and scared.  Those posts are more thoughtful and are included more in Book #1. But even Book #1 is very very different from this blog. Of course I leave out the most disturbing information and leave it for the book. Book #2 hardly includes anything from the blog and is more scientifically, evidence-based driven, with Jo and Peter pretty much telling their own story and proving my case.  

I would be dumb to take this blog down or delete anything at this point, having even one supporter. It's staying up and let the criticisms continue! 

I signed with a publishing house and will start the editing process with my publisher starting on July 12th. So I am really in it right now. And as with the first, when it is all in one place and I'm reading it over and is hard. I cried all day Sunday. I will be so relived to finish and hand it over!

Peter plays such a prominent role, this time with Jo, in even this book I've decided on the title: I Married a Sociopath Part II: The Conspiracy. But now it's not up to only me and we will see what happens in editing. 

 I will keep you all posted on the release date etc. Thanks, as always, for all of your support.